Wrap Around Pants
Lite, Loose, and Comfortable

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    Lite, loose and comfortable may be the most accurate way to describe these medieval pants.  These pants may be worn in a variety of rennaissance styles from everyday casual as a commoner to a pirate on shore.  They are fastened by Grosgrain drawstrings around the front and back, and may be worn loose or tied at the ankles or knees to fit your comfort and style needs.  Standard colors available are: black, brown, red, blue, green and wine.  Our wrap pants are sized as Standard and King size widths, as well as, Standard and Boot lengths - see below for more detail.



Sizing Information and Specs:
Standard Width: (For Small, Medium, & Large)
Fits up to a 42" waist

KING Size Width: (Extra Wide, Deeper Rise & Seat)

Fits up to a 50" waist.

Standard Length: (To the Ankle)

Fits up to a 42" outside leg.

Boot Length: (Kneelength)

Fits up to 34" length